Non-Woven 100gsm

Product Description

Non-woven polypropylene fabric has excellent resistance to water, detergents, bleaches and most chemicals, mould and mildew. It is lightweight, flexible and has good tensile strength. Non-woven is used for the underlining of sofas, dining chairs and bedding manufacturing. This product can also be used in horticultural applications such as a weed mat or frost cloth.

    Product Code: NPVD180

    Brand: Textile House

    Black NPVD182 105cm Wide, 150meters
    Black NPVD180 95cm Wide, 150meters
    Black NPVD210 202cm Wide, 150meters
    Light Grey NPVD212 210cm Wide, 180meters
    Black NPVD200 160cm Wide, 200meters
    Light Grey NPVD214 210cm Wide, 180meters


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